About the Quick Pulse Technique

About the Quick Pulse Technique

I offer the Quick Pulse clearing technique to support clients in making changes in many aspects of their lives. Both techniques can be done in person, via phone or Skype, or via a surrogate (for a child under 7, an animal, or a person who is not conscious/competent to do a session themselves).

What is Quick Pulse?

The Quick Pulse technique is a powerful way to help change things you would like to have different in your life. During a Quick Pulse session, you will spend 2 -3 minutes focusing on anything in your life that is getting in your way or that you don’t like experiencing. These are items or situations that limit you or  that you would like to change. They can be physical conditions, emotions, beliefs about yourself or your life, old experiences or memories, or anything else that you would like to have different.

Healing energy in actionWhat Happens in a Quick Pulse session?

It’s easy to be on the receiving end of a Quick Pulse session. All you have to do is pick an item you would like to change in your life. It could be related to health, career, family, finances, relationships or anything else. Then you think about all the things you don’t like about it during the session. While you focus on what you don’t like or want in your life, the energy follows your focus and clears whatever is the cause of the unwanted experience or symptom. This opens up space for a different experience. Even though it is counter-intuitive to focus on the negative, it makes sense that as we bring these things up in our consciousness, it allows for easier clearing.

How many items can be cleared in a session and how does clearing work?

Before or at the beginning of the session, you choose 5 or 6 items that you would like different in your life. You can write them down on a piece of paper for your own reference (and to check back later to see how you’re progressing). During the clearing you focus on one item at a time that you would like to have different in your life and all the things you don’t like about it. The energy begins during the session to clear the cause of the unwanted experience or symptom. The energy work then continues for days, weeks, even months after the initial session until the source of the unwanted experience is gone.

You may feel lighter, happier, with more ease and flow in your life after a Quick Pulse session.

Who developed the Quick Pulse technique?

The Quick Pulse technique was developed by renowned healer Jo Dunning (www.jodunning.com). Jo is gifted in her amazing ability to work with high frequency energies and remarkable healing capacity.

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